Sunday, October 10, 2010

Whale Watching 2010 Trip #3

October 9, 2010
Today's trip departed from San Francisco, the destination being the Farallon Islands!
It's shark season at the Farallons so I booked the trip in hopes of seeing a shark, in addition to whales.
I was glad to see out boat for the trip was a large one. 

 The water was so calm.  I was able to capture a nice reflection of the bridge on the water.
 The water stayed smooth and calm!
 I did not know..but it is Fleet Week in San Francisco.  We saw the parade of ships before the made it to the harbor.
 The picture below is too small but there is a parade of ships.
 Still have calm water.  I have never seen the Pacific so calm!  What a great day!
 Ahh..humpbacks!  (Farallon Islands in background)
 Then we spotted about 3 blue whales.  These guys were going crazy feeding.  They were moving so fast and plowing through the water like a train!! It was totally amazing!!!!!!!!!

 Notice the splash!  That's one big mama!
 This is a breach!  It was far away and the picture is compressed here in the blog!
Another breach!!
 These are the largest animals on Earth!  Really!
 Another breach!!!  Totally awesome!!

 Two at a time breaching!!!

 And another breach!!!!!!

 This boat was LUCKY!  The whales circled this boat at an amazing speed giving those people a really up close show!!
 I just liked the shot of the blow in this one :)

 This is two humpback whales sleeping!!!!!!!!!! Ssshhhhhh
 Humpback flukes

 Yeah!  These guys are shark researchers from Stanford, they have a permit to chum the waters.  I told our boat captain to follow them, but he didnt listen to me!  They chum and tag the Great Whites!!
 A fog layer beginning to encompass the Islands
 Where did the islands go???  Total fog!
 More humpback flukes

 The windmill at Queen Wilheminias Garden from the water
 The Cliff House and Sutro Baths from the water
 The city of San Francisco!
 Coming back in I noticed there were a lot of sailboats in the bay..???
 Going under
 We got back to the harbor just in time for the Blue Angels show.  Our boat captain, stopped the boat in the water so we could watch the show.  It was really great..(explains all the sailboats in the water).

 The planes were flying REALLY low!

 Those guys better duck!
 Is Scott here?  that's not Scott on the roof

 Looks like he's headed straight for the lighthouse on Alcatraz!

 Right through the bridge..these guys are crazy!

Oh my was a wonderful, amazing day!!!!!!!  The whales were AWESOME and the great airshow was awesome!  It took me one hour just to get out of the city and another to get home but so worth it.
Today my alabaster white skin is a nice shade of scarlett!  Yes I did put sunblock on but I guess it doenst last all day..Oh well, small price to pay for such a wonderful experience...

I did take video of the whales but will need to edit before I can post (it's too big and too long).  Once I edit I'll post it out here!

Don't forget all these photos and many more will be posted on 

Love to all,

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