Saturday, September 11, 2010

Point Sur Light "Station"

September 4, 2010
The Point Sur Light "Station" is run by a group of volunteers.  They are supposed to be open for tours on Saturdays at 10:00am and 2:00pm.  We have tried numerous times to take this tour (as I am a collector of lighthouse photos).  Each time we have arrived at the appointed time only to be told they weren't doing anymore tours due to the impending weather.

I had given up and decided that I didn't even want pictures of this light "station".  But Scott said "let's try again"!

So last Saturday, our day to sleep in, we got up at 7:00am to get to Big Sur by 9:30am.  The tours are first come first serve so we had to get there early.

I had a bad attitude before we even got there but we made it on time (a record for us) and were able to FINALLY take the tour.

Wouldn't you know it...the fog rolled in and was sitting right on top of the rock!

But we proceeded - we had come this far.  Needless to say, there were not any fabulous views of ocean and the turquoise water.  We braved the 35mph winds and climbed the 360 rise in elevation to the top.

It was a pretty little light house, oops I mean light "station".  We were able to go inside and out on the walk edge into the 55mph winds!

It was a very historical and informative 3 hour tour.  As we began our decent down the rock, the fog began to lift.

It was a beautiful day at Big Sur.  We had lunch at the River Inn Restaurant which was very nice, Scott got to hold a duck, we hiked to Sand Dollar Beach (there are NOT any sand dollars there)  and wouldn't you know it - even found a waterfall at Limekiln National Park!

The trail to the waterfall was closed but since we are such experienced hikers (NOT) we decided to hike to it anyway.  We scrambled over downed trees and brush and climbed to get to this waterfall.  Scott escaped without injury and I only sustained a sore ankle and had a splitting experience climbing over a downed tree. 
We are not sure if it was the hike to the top of the lighthouse, the hike down to Sand Dollar beach, the hike to the waterfall or the combination of all three but we were both sore (calves) for the past week!

All of our pictures taken that day will be posted on soon so check it out!

~Carol & Scott~

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